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PLP Policies:


Our Core Principles

This statement is to establish the political and social principles which will inform and guide the Progressive Labour Party and its members in their work, and to inform alliance and coalition partners of our basic principles...


Health Policy

Australia has become a nation with vast inequalities in health care, and this should be a concern for all Australians.


Foreign Affairs Policy

Our foreign policy starts with a commitment in international forums to foster peace, support social justice, the rights of the disadvantaged, and encourage self- determination for all peoples. Our objective is also to help negotiate and support global agreements that protect natural resources, biodiversity, and ecological systems


Environment Policy

Australia's natural environment has been altered and abused since British colonisation. The vast majority of its native forests have been wiped out; sheep, cattle and grain farming methods and clear-felling have contributed to soil salinity and destabilisation of huge quantities of arable land; bio diversity is shrinking; waterways have become prone to algal blooms destroying Australia's aquaculture; and our living environments are congested from over-population, under-resourcing and unregulated industrial pollution. Repairing the environmental damage will require a sustained effort from the whole of society.


Economic policy

The Economic Policy of the PLP shall be guided by the vision of the achievement of human emancipation and equality. The party is committed to the creation and redistribution of wealth through public ownership of strategic resources and production and the democratisation of production and distribution. We will work to change the present capitalist culture of individualisation and privatisation and instead encourage cooperation and community involvement.


Communications Policy

Communication among people is a defining characteristic of being human and access to effective communication should be a right for all.

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