PLP Immigration, Refugee and Population Planning policy

The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) recognises that the world is under great stress due to the effects of human population on unsustainable methods of land use and technologies that contribute to the destruction of habitats, all of which have led to a critical loss of bio-diversity and to climate change.


The New Zealand Example

At its founding in late 1996, many people who came together to form the PLP were inspired by the NZ example. They had seen that in NZ an electorally successful “Alliance” of minor parties committed to ending neoliberalism had become an effective “Third Force” in NZ politics and the major parties had to reckon with it. These minor parties had been campaigning separately for years but together they were able to form an effective critical mass. The change of voting method in NZ in 1996 to “Proportional voting” was a catalyst for this.


History Of The PLP

The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) was formed in November 1996, when approximately 100 delegates from many parts of the country assembled to form a new political party. It was described as a "chance for the left to unite around a commonly agreed, democratically decided program". As a result, a new chapter opened in Australian political history.

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