Bob Leach & the Founding Philosophy of PLP

Robert Leach was Senior Lecturer in Politics at QUT 1973 - 1996, author of four books on politics, alliance politics and methodology.

He was a foundation member and National Secretary of the Progressive Labour Party (previously the New Labour Party). His contribution to the Progressive Labour Party, its beginning and philosophy was enormous and his sudden death on 25 December, 1997 was a great setback as well as a personal loss

Gary McLennan writes of him in "The Point of Change": He was a good friend and comrade and I miss him dearly. It is too early to say what the impact of Bob's death will be on the Progressive Labour Party's Alliance project, but his will be a grievous loss. .... ".

The Alliance Alternative in Australia - Edited by Robert Leach

Introduction by Robert Leach

Australia and the changing world; the background to a new Alliance of political parties by Robert Leach

The New Zealand Alliance; the power of diversity by Penelope Whitney

One Step Forward: Two Steps Back by Robert Leach