Foreign Affairs Policy


Our foreign policy starts with a commitment in international forums to foster peace, support social justice, the rights of the disadvantaged, and encourage self- determination for all peoples. Our objective is also to help negotiate and support global agreements that protect natural resources, biodiversity, and ecological systems.

Main Points

  1. The PLP fully supports the UN's charter of human rights. Our aim is to have a sovereign Australian foreign policy. The PLP will review Australia's involvement in current "Free Trade" and investment arrangements and reserve Australia's position regarding such arrangements where they impinge on the rights of the Australian community to economic and political self-determination and independence.
  2. Australia's Aid Program should focus on the alleviation of poverty and be directed to spending on basic education, human rights, women's programs, and elimination of child and slave labour as directed by the communities themselves. We favour long-term development assistance to countries in their struggle for development and autonomy. The PLP supports reviewing membership of regional trade pacts and forums with Asian and Pacific countries. Although the principal focus of aid and assistance should be on our regional neighbours, we recognise that inhumanity has no borders and we will support people in need across the globe as much as possible.
  3. We understand the importance of Australia's relationship with our main trading partners and other trading blocks and will support all efforts to ensure that friendship and peace prevail in that regard while maintaining our sovereignty.
  4. Foreign Investment Review Board guidelines on takeovers and mergers should be strengthened to protect the development of local cooperatives and common ownership and control.
  5. The PLP is committed to a nuclear-free Pacific, a nuclear-free world, and to world peace. We oppose uranium mining and exports, and the import of radio-active nuclear waste. We will support phasing out existing uranium mining and oppose the signing of any new uranium mines.
  6. We support a genuine defence force but are opposed the export of armaments. We support an independent Australian foreign and defence policy and oppose the military alliance with the USA which we believe, is not a defence alliance but, as evidenced by our involvement in numerous unsolicited and unpopular wars, is in fact an alliance for war.
  7. We support a thorough review of the relationship with the US in relation to joint communication bases in Australia. The PLP opposes pre-emptive military action and reaffirms the need to work through the United Nations.
  8. We support the appointment of a federal Minister for Peace at cabinet level.
  9. The PLP will work for a new globalism based on peace, civil rights, social justice, workers’ rights and preservation of the environment. Not the profit centred idea of globalism pursued by the tenets of neo-liberalism.
  10. The PLP seeks the modernisation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to incorporate a strong social charter. The PLP also seeks the reformulation of WTO rules on Trade Related Investment Principles and Trade Related Investment Movements that benefit only Transnational Companies.
  11. The PLP seeks a general review of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) in particular regard to the negative effects of free trade in global labour. The PLP also calls for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) organisation to adopt a strong social charter.