Our Core Principles

Our core principles This statement is to establish the political and social principles which will inform and guide the Progressive Labour Party and its members in their work, and to inform alliance and coalition partners of our basic principles.

  1. The PLP encompasses as broad a section of the community as possible: wage earners, retirees, unemployed, casuals, self-employed, small business owners & farmers.
  2. The PLP is union and award supportive.
  3. Its programs reflect the aim of creating a sustainable, inclusive and just society.
  4. We recognise that this can be best achieved by the development of policies and practices that are underpinned by a socialised economy, are democratic, egalitarian, and promote fairness and equality for all Australians.
  5. The PLP aims to be represented at the federal, state and local government level, either in its own right, or in alliance or coalition, with likeminded organisations, and aims to be active in campaigning in the interests of oppressed people and building workplace and community activism to promote a more democratic and equitable society.

Core principles

  • a) Recognise the right of everyone to quality health, education, housing and welfare as a right, not a privilege;
  • b) Seek to boost public education funding, with particular attention to disadvantaged areas;
  • c) Support full employment and a 35-hour workweek;
  • d) Favour a substantial increase in investment in research and development to boost science and Australian industry;
  • e) Aim at effective rural and regional development through Government intervention – and effective protection of rural industry where necessary;
  • f) Prioritise protection of the environment, combat climate change and maintain biodiversity. (see environment policy).
  • g) Support a change to our voting system in favour of Proportional Representation;
  • h) Favour a Maximalist Republic with a directly elected President and major constitutional change;
  • i) Recognise the need for self-determination of indigenous peoples, reconciliation and affirmative policies;
  • j) Promote policies to spread media ownership, and secure the independence of the ABC and SBS;
  • k) Seek to establish an independent national daily newspaper run under a similar structure to the ABC or as part of it;
  • l) Oppose sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, and discrimination against disabled persons; m) Seek solidarity with the disadvantaged around the globe and abide by relevant international treaty obligations that do not undermine our aims;
  • n) Insist on complete transparency regarding international treaties and agreements and full public and parliamentary debate;
  • o) Support the peaceful resolution, through negotiation, of international conflicts;
  • p) Ensure stronger civil and human rights by reviewing all Security and Anti-Terrorist legislation.
  • q) Promote a secular society.
  • r) Support an end to neo-liberalism, including an end to privatisation of key economic sectors and the regaining into public hands of already privatised key sectors. (see economic policy).